1: Anonymous 2015/01/26(Mon) 16:06:19.64
my TOEIC score is 360 now. XD

16: Anonymous 2015/04/20(Mon) 23:39:49.19
Hey, what is XD ? :p

17: Anonymous 2015/05/01(Fri) 03:48:35.95

It's a laughing face. :P

39: Anonymous 2016/06/26(Sun) 02:47:43.95
But XD looks very native.

40: Anonymous 2016/06/26(Sun) 09:13:33.01
If you ever wrote something like "lol XD" in a job application, it would go straight to the garbage.
It's only common on certain internet sites.

2: Anonymous 2015/01/26(Mon) 16:17:00.02
I want to talk about everything.
please talk with me!

3: Anonymous 2015/01/26(Mon) 21:56:03.10
Good job! Your English looks pretty good to me.

What kinds of things would you like to talk about?

Maybe we could discuss languages.

4: Anonymous 2015/01/27(Tue) 15:08:42.92
I don't know topic common worldwide.
Music? Sports?
My favorite sports is baseball but I know japanese baseball team only.

Please tell me musician you like.

5: Anonymous 2015/01/28(Wed) 01:40:13.10
I'm personally not that interested in sports, but over here in Germany, soccer is highly popular. Baseball isn't very well known. I don't think most people even know the rules.

I like listening to Uriah Heep. They are a hard rock group from Britain and were founded in 1969, but they are still active.

Apart from that, I enjoy many different kinds of music, from pop music over classical to more obscure things. Japanese music is also very interesting.

What kind of music do you listen too?

6: Anonymous 2015/01/29(Thu) 03:29:42.63
I don't know a lot about western music.
Therefore, I didn't know the band.
I'm very interested to hear the tune which the band played.
What is the recommended the tune?

I like rock and pops, instrumental.
I make much of a performance than the lyrics in music.

7: Anonymous 2015/01/29(Thu) 10:24:52.76
I believe Uriah Heep isn't that well known, even in the west.

Here are some good songs:


Bird of Prey


Easy Livin'


The Magician's Birthday

Universal Wheels

I hope you will enjoy them.

8: Anonymous 2015/02/04(Wed) 01:11:46.95
This music is like Deep Purple…

9: Anonymous 2015/02/06(Fri) 04:32:54.63
Both groups are kind of similar in a way. They're both British hard rock groups founded in the last two years of the sixties.

13: Anonymous 2015/02/10(Tue) 21:14:06.28
i know.
i'm favorite old rock music too.
in those days many cool rock group was born.
especially most popular group was led zeppelin.

14: Anonymous 2015/02/11(Wed) 22:36:05.35
Led Zeppelin is another one I really enjoy.

15: Anonymous 2015/02/26(Thu) 22:38:52.09
Do you know white snake?

10: Anonymous 2015/02/08(Sun) 05:43:55.18
How about non-English musicians?
ex.Germany,Japanese..I like Hungarian and Icelandic music.

11: Anonymous 2015/02/09(Mon) 21:50:46.59
Astoria is a indonesian Band.

Vocal:Andre Helliono
Gitar&keyboard:Gema Maulidana
Bass:Gerry Muhammad
Drums:Nayaka Untara
"Selalu Ada" is their album in 2012.

"Segala Luka"
"Hancur" the pronunciation /hanchur/

12: Anonymous 2015/02/09(Mon) 22:13:28.93
Raisa Andriana is an Indonesian singer.


These are my favorite songs in hers.
"Bye Bye"

"Could it Be"
"Terjebak Nostalgia"

18: Anonymous 2015/05/01(Fri) 08:07:47.20
Hey guys :) I'm new to here :) Would like to know my sentence mistake if there's any XP Would like to learn :)

21: Anonymous 2015/06/13(Sat) 18:02:07.96
I am a native English speaker in Australia.

Your English is understandable. However...
Smiley faces are not a substitute for full stops.
You typed "Would like to...", when it should be "I would like to..." (both times)
You type "my sentence mistake". If you don't know how many of something there are, then you should use plural. E.g. "How many cars do you own", "I would like to know about banks that are nearby".

19: Anonymous 2015/05/28(Thu) 13:50:03.29
What do you think about the Fifa officials getting arrested?

22: Anonymous 2015/06/24(Wed) 10:09:15.69
I think that they are corrupt but most likely will not be convited.
There have been many accusations etc. in the past but they lead to nothing.

20: Anonymous 2015/06/11(Thu) 01:59:08.07
TOEIC is really shitty test, its not worth mentioning at ALL.

In my experience, try to pay attention to interrogative word(i.e. what, why, who, how...) in the questions and words in the problem choices.
You'll find that most of the problems can be answered even you don't know the whole statements.

23: Anonymous 2015/08/17(Mon) 12:06:25.64
I only listen to Japanese covers of old American songs. I had listened to a version of George Michael's Careless Whisper once but I never found it again. So sad.

24: Anonymous 2015/08/26(Wed) 13:41:55.80
teach me japanese im living in tokushima came here from dubai :)
skype mubariz.khan

25: Anonymous 2015/08/26(Wed) 13:42:47.09
teach me japanese & i'll teach english to you. im living in tokushima came here from dubai :)
skype mubariz.khan

26: Anonymous 2015/09/06(Sun) 05:40:18.82

27: Anonymous 2016/02/18(Thu) 05:42:37.75
I LOVE BASEBALL and I am from Finland :)
Here we play PESÄPALLO but we love your true baseball as well

28: Anonymous 2016/02/19(Fri) 18:42:58.06
im gamer

29: Anonymous 2016/02/19(Fri) 18:45:57.60


30: Anonymous 2016/03/09(Wed) 06:00:31.91
If you have the opportunity, I recommend trying an exchange to an English speaking country. If this isn't possible, make friends with English speaking foreigners and do language exchange.

31: Anonymous 2016/04/03(Sun) 01:42:17.24
TOKYO 098968-3332

32: Anonymous 2016/05/12(Thu) 00:27:58.81
What's that?

33: Anonymous 2016/05/20(Fri) 00:05:03.82
I wonder whether people even visit this place.

English is not my native, but I can surely help you with it. Ask me here.

34: Anonymous 2016/05/20(Fri) 00:45:05.95
>English is not my native
In English, you can't just say things like "is not my native". You have to define what you're talking about. You should say "English is not my native language".

35: Anonymous 2016/06/11(Sat) 13:36:56.28
Who Red Sox fan here?

36: Anonymous 2016/06/11(Sat) 13:49:20.34
Oshite Ellen Baker-sensei

37: Anonymous 2016/06/13(Mon) 13:53:24.34
You don't have to use honourifics when typing in English, especially considering most English speakers don't know what they mean.

38: Anonymous 2016/06/21(Tue) 17:34:21.88
Fuck fuck fuck!!!!!

41: Anonymous 2016/07/07(Thu) 17:43:24.13
a message board isn't a job application you idiot retard!

42: Anonymous 2016/07/08(Fri) 20:04:35.68
>idiot retard
That's redundant, retards are usually idiots. Simply writing "retard" would suffice.

43: Anonymous 2016/07/17(Sun) 18:31:47.29
Maybe he was using it as an intensifier, you silly bitch.

44: Anonymous 2016/07/21(Thu) 04:49:21.92
that feel when you'll never romance a japanese hiki and teach her english
and be her funny american

why is life suffering!

45: Anonymous 2016/07/22(Fri) 09:31:29.62
top kek

46: Anonymous 2016/07/24(Sun) 00:42:06.17
Please teach me Japanese.

47: Anonymous 2016/08/01(Mon) 09:51:38.20
at first, greeting in japanese.

48: Anonymous 2016/09/04(Sun) 20:10:26.76
Yes, Right.

For example.

In the name of moon, I'll punish you.

"Tsuki ni kawatte oshioki yo"